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Hello Everyone! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Mabelle & Jason and we are an international wellness coach. Our purpose is to help you achieve your wellness goals and hopefully inspire and motivate you to become a better version of yourself. We like to surround ourselves with nothing but positivity so good vibes only please. I hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to connecting with you all!!

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Sharing with you our story… =D

It was Mabelle who first saw the opportunity. She was not looking for a way to lose weight even if she was 10 lbs overweight and unhealthy. The main reason why she went to a presentation is because she was looking at making some extra-Christmas cash. She just graduated BS Pharmacy from UST and successfully passed the board exam and that year, she wanted to buy Christmas gifts for her parents. Not wanting to ask money from them, she looked for a part-time job in the newspaper but instead of finding a job, she got herself a business.

Jason on the other-hand was already working as a computer application specialist in Binondo. Due to his sedentary work he started gaining weight. When Mabelle got in to the business, he had no choice but to take the products and lose the weight. On the program, Jason lost a total of 45 lbs and he felt more energetic than before.

Mabelle also lost 10 lbs on the products and started doing the business.

Right now, both of them work from home full-time and 10 hrs a week from their Wellness Center. Have freedom of time and travel the world together. Their biggest joy is to see their customers get the results that they always wanted and improve their lifestyle. The money and the lifestyle is more than very good, but the happiness of a successful customer is something money cannot buy.

Jason and Mabelle are now more than 16 years in helping people improve their health and lifestyle and have businesses in 8 other countries aside from the Philippines.

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Being overweight doesn’t bother Fara at all, but when she had her first born, her life changed. Her health is deteriorating because of her bad habits and her weight and so she chose to live a healthier life and decided to lose the excess weight because she doesn’t want to die while her daughter is still young. Following her meal plan and program seriously and consistently helped Fara lost over 50 lbs, now having two wonderful children, she has all the energy she needs to play with them, she’s able to spend more quality time with them and raise them to be the children that she wants them to be.
Low self-esteem, low energy, feeling bad all the time is Arlene’s previous life before she get into our program. When her childhood friend introduced her to the program, she was skeptical at first but then she thought it’s worth a try because she wants to change her life. Now Arlene is still a work in progress but the life that she is living now is totally different from the life she had before the program. Having lost 10 inches from her waist and over 50 lbs, Arlene is now happier, energetic and most of all she was able get her self-esteem back.
Mercy is having a hard time losing her excess weight when she found our program. Being a single woman it is not fun when people ask you if you are pregnant… When she saw that her sister lost a lot of weight, looked so much younger and had the energy all day she asked her to introduce her to her wellness coach. With consistency, discipline and perseverance on her meal plan and program she was able to lose over 30 lbs and was able to keep it off. Never have to go back to looking pregnant again.
Having a hard time getting out of bed, putting on his clothes and tying his shoes in the morning is one of the major reasons why Sir Nestor get into our program. With discipline, determination and dedication to his meal plan and program he was able to lose over 30 lbs. But not only that, he also became an inspiration to many of his colleagues to get into a healthier lifestyle.

“Change your mindset, change your life!”

We teach people how to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

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